Why advertise with us?Affordable advertising for the people of St Helens

St.Helens Adverts want to bring businesses and customers closer together and this is why…

St.Helens Adverts know that there are hundreds of businesses in St.Helens, from new start-up enterprises to existing limited companies, that have huge amounts to offer to our local economy. Our aim is to help these local businesses advertise their services and products to the people of St.Helens, so this is how we’re going to do it:

For our online advertisers; we’re providing an innovative, online portal that you can advertise your business on. We want to take the old fashioned approach of placing small, expensive adverts in newspapers and bringing it up-to-speed with the modern, online society. We’ll do this by placing your adverts on our specially developed website, designed to emulate the newspaper platform, but with many more benefits to the advertiser!

This website aims to help all types of companies. Whether you’re a start-up sole trader or an established limited company, we want to help advertise what you have to offer! We’re able to provide an interactive, online experience that gives you full and simple control of how your business is advertised.

For our website visitors; we want to provide a website where you can see what businesses are in your local area to help you get what you’re looking for. Rather than trawling the Internet for businesses and suppliers, looking at companies that are miles away or information that could be out-of-date, we want to provide a central online location where you can find what you’re looking for near you.

Whether it’s getting your car fixed, improving your home or looking for that perfect present, let’s get the best for our money while helping our local economy grow. Our website has been specifically designed to offer you a simple, quick and dynamic experience that is successful in helping you find what you’re looking for.

Why should I use St.Helens Adverts?

We understand that people want to know what they’ll get out of this experience, so here’s just a few of our business objectives.

Advertisers will benefit from;

  • Significantly lower advertising costs
  • Increased online presence
  • A larger, ever-growing customer audience
  • Innovative advertising features
  • Full control over their advert content

Visitors will benefit from;

  • A simple online source of local companies
  • An innovative web browsing experience
  • Up-to-date advertising details
  • A simple and informative advertising space
  • Easy viewing of available offers and discounts

So What Next…

Visit our ‘Submit Advert’ page and see how easy it is to give your business an online presence. If you have any issues or queries, please use our ‘Contact’ page to get in touch with us.